Standard Chartered Bank proposes 11.84% dividend, What is the Dividend Yield at Current Market Price?

Blog Post: Board Meeting of Standard Charter Bank has proposed 11.84% Dividend . Dividend Includes 7% bonus shares and a 4.84% cash dividend. Current Market Price of Standard Charter Bank stands at Rs 683.

Lets compare the current Market Price with its Proposed Dividend ! 

Total Dividend = 11.84% 

Current Market Price= Rs. 683

Dividend Yield = 1.73%

Dividend Yield of Standard Charter Bank at Current Market Price stands at 1.73%. Investors who buys Standard Charter Shares at Current Price gets the Dividend Yeild of 1.73%.

Standard Charter's Dividend yield of 1.73% is lowest among all the commercial banks who proposed the dividend till now.

DISCLAIMER : This material is for educational purpose only. Invesment must be done with further study. Writer won't be responsible for any loss gain.


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