Know Everything about Circuit Breaker in Nepal Stock Exchange!

Circuit Breaker in Index is applied in order to stop the high fluctuations in the market. Today in this article we will discuss about the circuit breaker in Nepse index and individual Company and try to find some of the major differences between them:

Current Rule of Circuit Breaker in Nepse Index :

Nepse Index : 4% Up or 4% Down (In First Hour of Transaction, i.e: 11 am to 12 pm): 20 Minutes of Halt. 

👉Note: This rule won't apply after 12 pm

Nepse Index: 5% Up or 5% Down ( Up to Second Hour of Transactions, i.e 11 am to 1 pm) : 40 Minutes Halt.

👉Note: This rule won't apply after 1 pm

Nepse Index: 6% up or Down ( Any Time) : No Trading for rest of the day.

Circuit Breaker in case of Individual Company:
No company can trade above or below 10% of previous close. 

For Example : If Yesterday's closing price of Company A was Rs. 1000 it means today the company can't trade above Rs 1100 and  below Rs 900. It means the company today will trade between +10% and -10% of previous close. But there won't be any trade halt. 

Difference between Circuit Breaker in Index and Company:
In case of Circuit Breaker in Nepse Index no transactions is allowed. 
In case of Circuit Breaker in Company if the price of the company increases or decreases by 10% of previous close then transactions won't be halted, the only thing is price of the company can't trade above 10% up or down compared to yesterday's closing price of Stock.

Note :
(If you want some more questions's related to this topic.Please comment below, I will try to give answer in the FAQ Section. 

DISCLAIMER : This material is for educational purpose only.
Invesment must be done with further study. Writer won't be responsible for any loss gain.

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